Licenses & Relevant Legal Information

We operate our life insurance and annuity agency under the name Blueprint Income The entity is a resident producer agency in New York. Our individual fixed annuity producers, Matthew Carey and Nimish Shukla, are resident annuity producers in New York and non-resident annuity producers in the states listed below. In addition, any Blueprint Income employee with whom our customers interact with are also licensed fixed annuity producers (certain administrative and technical support may be provided by non-licensed employees).

Blueprint Income earns commissions from the sale of annuity products. Commission rates are set by the insurance companies. The products and services described on this website are offered and sold only by appropriately licensed insurance companies and by licensed insurance producers. A particular insurance product may not be available in all states and a particular insurance company may not be licensed to sell its insurance products in all states. By law, insurance producers must be “appointed” to represent a particular insurance company. Insurance producers also are licensed to sell types of insurance products.

Individual Licenses
State Individual License Number Type
Alabama Nimish Shukla 716265 Non-Resident Life Producer
Alaska Nimish Shukla 100109858 Non-Resident Life Producer
Arizona Matthew Carey 1105087 Life Producer
Arkansas Matthew Carey 17309313 Life Producer
California Matthew Carey 0J01437 Non-Resident Insurance Producer: Life Only Agent
Colorado Matthew Carey 455176 Non-Resident Producer, Life
Connecticut Matthew Carey 2485654 Life, Credit and Travel Producer
Delaware Nimish Shukla 1369991 Non-Resident Producer, Life
District of Columbia Nimish Shukla 3065530 Non-Resident Producer
Florida Nimish Shukla
Matthew Carey
Non-Resident Producer, Life
Georgia Nimish Shukla 2997923 Non-Resident Agent, Life
Hawaii Matthew Carey 423336 Nonresident Producer, Life
Idaho Nimish Shukla 501226 Non-Resident Life Producer
Illinois Nimish Shukla 17313354 Non-Resident Life Producer
Indiana Nimish Shukla 983233 Non-Resident Producer Individual, Life
Iowa Matthew Carey 17309313 Non-Resident Producer Life
Kansas Matthew Carey 17309313 Non-Resident Producer Individual, Life
Kentucky Matthew Carey 846541 Non-Resident Agent, Life
Louisiana Matthew Carey 648930 Individual Producer, Life
Maine Matthew Carey PRN235802 Producer Non-Resident, Life
Maryland Nimish Shukla 2149241 Non-Resident Life Producer
Massachusetts Matthew Carey 1959635 Non-Resident Individual Producer
Michigan Matthew Carey 0689638 Non-Resident Producer, Life
Minnesota Nimish Shukla 40400455 Non-Resident Insurance Producer
Mississippi Nimish Shukla 10363703 Non-Resident Life Producer
Missouri Matthew Carey 8323901 Non-Resident Producer
Montana Nimish Shukla 100123491 Non-Resident Life Producer
Nebraska Matthew Carey 17309313 Non-Resident Producer; Life & Annuities
Nevada Nimish Shukla 983345 Non-Resident Producer
New Hampshire Matthew Carey 2295991 Non-Resident Producer: Life
New Jersey Matthew Carey 1575442 Life Insurance Producer
New Mexico Nimish Shukla 375881 Non-Resident Life Producer
New York Nimish Shukla
Matthew Carey
Life Broker
North Carolina Nimish Shukla 17313354 Non-Resident Producer
North Dakota  Nimish Shukla 17313354 Non-Resident Life
Ohio Matthew Carey 1032780 Non-Resident Major Lines
Oklahoma Matthew Carey 100217354 Life Producer
Oregon Nimish Shukla 17313354 Non-Resident Life Producer
Pennsylvania Nimish Shukla
Matthew Carey
Non-Resident Life Producer: Life and Fixed Annuities
Rhode Island Matthew Carey 2303946 Non-Resident Insurance Producer, Life
South Carolina Nimish Shukla 742002 Non-Resident Life Producer
South Dakota Nimish Shukla 40370838 Non-Resident Producer, Life
Tennessee Matthew Carey 2278073 Non-Resident Insurance Producer
Texas Nimish Shukla 1969931 Non-Resident Life Agent
Utah Matthew Carey 493308 Non-Resident Producer, Life
Vermont Matthew Carey 967479 Non-Resident Producer
Virginia Nimish Shukla 925443 Non-Resident Life & Annuities Producer
Washington Matthew Carey 882868 Non-Resident Insurance Producer, Life
West Virginia Nimish Shukla 17313354 Non-Resident Life Producer
Wisconsin Nimish Shukla 2644590 Non-Resident Life Producer
Wyoming Nimish Shukla 271438 Non-Resident Producer Life