Fixed Deferred Annuity Comparison

Compare Fixed Deferred Annuities (a.k.a. MYGAs) and the insurance companies that issue them.

Get Fixed Deferred Annuities from Guardian, MassMutual, Lincoln Financial, and many other top insurance companies.

Fixed Deferred Annuity Providers

Financial Strength Rating
Insurance Company Product Name A.M Best S&P Moody's Fitch Comdex Pricing
New York Life Secure Term Choice/MVA Fixed Annuities A++ AA+ Aaa AAA 100 Request A Quote
MassMutual Stable Voyage Fixed Deferred Annuity A++ AA+ Aa2 AA+ 98 Request A Quote
Guardian Life Fixed Target Annuity A++ AA+ Aa2 AA+ 98 Request A Quote
North American Company Guarantee Choice A+ A+ NR NR NR Request A Quote
Integrity Life MultiVantage A+ AA Aa3 AA 96 Request A Quote
Mutual of Omaha Bonus Flexible Annuity and Ultra-Secure Plus A+ AA- A1 NR 92 Request A Quote
Pacific Life Pacific Expedition and Pacific Frontiers A+ AA- A1 A+ 90 Request A Quote
Lincoln Financial Lincoln MYGuarantee Plus A+ AA- A1 A+ 90 Request A Quote
Principal Single Premium Deferred Annuity A+ A+ A1 AA- 90 Request A Quote
Minnesota Life SecureOption Focus and SecureOption Select A+ A+ Aa3 AA 93 Request A Quote
Protective Life Fixed Deferred Annuity A+ AA- NR A+ 91 Request A Quote
The Standard Focus Growth Annuity and Standard Rate Annuity A A+ A2 A 79 Request A Quote
American National Palladium MYG Annuity A A NR NR 78 Request A Quote
AIG (American General) American Pathway and American Pathway SolutionsMYG A A+ A2 A+ 82 Request A Quote
Symetra Single-Premium and Flexible-Premium Fixed Deferred Annuities A A A2 A 77 Request A Quote
Northwestern Mutual Select Fixed Annuity A++ AA+ Aaa AAA 100 Available Offline Only
Thrivent Single Premium and Flexible Premium Deferred Fixed Annuities A++ NR NR AA 98 Available Offline Only
MetLife MetLife Fixed Annuity FA A A+ A3 A+ 79 Available Offline Only
  1. Last updated on 2/23/2017.
  2. We’re constantly adding providers to our platform, which means that our options are not yet exhaustive. We’ll be happy to inform you of other products out there.
  3. Not all products are available in all states or with the same product features, but we always show quotes on an apples-to-apples basis.


What is a Fixed Deferred Annuity and how do I know whether it makes sense for me?


What Fixed Deferred Annuity rates can I get today and how do products compare across insurance companies?

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