Our Approach

Our approach is simple. We’re not salespeople, so we won’t call you. We stand by our ability to provide the best pricing in most cases and tell you explicitly when we can't. We're a technology company, not a call center. We provide objective information and try to help our clients make sense of it all.

What That Means

We act as a fiduciary

We act as a fiduciary.

To hold ourselves to our mission to act in your best interests, we choose to abide by ethical and legal requirements more stringent than what’s actually required of us. Frankly, doing what’s best for you is what’s best for our business anyway.

We are a marketplace

We are a marketplace.

We don’t represent specific companies. Instead, we show you the widest possible selection so that you can make an informed decision and get the best price. If an insurer we haven’t yet partnered with offers something worth considering, we’ll tell you.

We use technology

We use technology.

Using technology means that we’re able to provide data-driven, objective solutions. It also means that we’re able to help more people, move faster, and operate a leaner organization. That also means we’re able to get paid less to provide more value for you.

We keep it simple

We keep it simple.

If we can avoid industry jargon, we do. And we only provide products for their contractual guarantees that fit in a well-diversified portfolio. Among other things, that means no complex indexed or variable annuities. Not now, not ever.

Why We Care So Much

Pensions have gone away, and 401(k)s are not a suitable replacement. We have no clear way to prepare for a retirement where we know we can maintain our standard of living. Instead, we’re slaves to the stock market and scared of living too long.

At Blueprint Income we are creating a new kind of pension - a simple, pre-determined income stream backed by insurance companies. The concept (known in the industry as an income annuity) has been around for a long time. Now, we’re making it easy for anyone, regardless of employer, age, or wealth, to head into retirement with guaranteed, lifelong income.

So, join us! That doesn’t necessarily mean being a paying client. Sign up for our newsletter or check out our free tools & resources that help you figure out where you stand with your retirement preparation and how you can do better.

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