Looking to automate your spending in retirement?

Have you heard about the potential of income annuities and longevity insurance to prevent you from having to worry where the money will come from as you age?

Why An Income Annuity Could Make Sense For You:

  • You are looking for a steady paycheck that arrives every month and is guaranteed by a highly-rated insurer
  • You might be a couple where the primary financial decision maker doesn’t have the same life expectancy as their spouse
  • You’re in good health and thinking about what longevity means for your retirement
  • You’re looking to diversify your financial portfolio

Who is Blueprint Income and what’s our approach?

We’re a team of technology experts, professors, and financial planners inspired to build a company for people like you. Our mission: Get people better advice about how to plan ahead for life’s next phase.

  • We start by figuring out your life expectancy using our proprietary tool developed at the Wharton School
  • Then, we use that information and other basic data to figure out if you’re a fit for a simple product that is similar to Social Security or a pension
  • If you are, our team will help you compare products from across the market, so you know you’re getting the best deal for the least risk

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