January 2017 Update From Our CEO

Here goes nothing: let’s spend some time talking about dying. But not in a morbid or pessimistic way. There are incredible new developments in how we think about aging and end-of-life care.

Man Missing Three Limbs’ Mission To Change How We Live and Die

A truly inspirational story about the early tragedy that befell Dr. B.J. Miller and how he made it his life’s calling to make dying more humane. Read more in The New York Times.

Whoops — Our Retirement System And Its Unintended Consequences

The 401(k) was never meant to be Americans’ main source of retirement. Just ask the people who created it. What was made to supplement pensions has basically become a replacement for them. And all indications are that the results will not be good if the status quo continues. Over 50% of Americans risk running out of money in retirement. Read more in The Wall Street Journal.

Is Superaging Really A Thing?

According to a team of neurologists at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the answer is yes. They identified the parts of the brain that were thinner in regular agers than superagers. The practical question you might to be asking is how you become a superager. The researchers believe it helps to work hard at something well into old age. Read more in The New York Times.

A New Guide to Social Security Claiming

There’s so much information (and misinformation) out there about Social Security. We’ve been working to separate wheat from chaff (figuratively speaking, of course) in order to help people make better decisions about claiming Social Security. It’s available online or as a PDF (if you want to download it).

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Access the new Social Security Guide online or as a PDF.

Closing Thoughts

It’s hard to even say the word death for most people, let alone have a serious conversation about it. Better to avoid the inevitability of it all, many (or maybe most) believe. I know the subject line of this very email probably made some of you cringe.

But here’s the paradox of it all — those who prepare for the end of their lives (financially, medically, and otherwise) seem to both live longer and be happier.

So, in this season of resolutions, new ambitions and reset goals, what can you do to go against the existing paradigm and make yourself healthier and happier along the way?

Here are 4 tangible suggestions:

  1. Prepare a living will
  2. Make progress on your bucket list
  3. Complete the Stanford life review
  4. Prepare a will or trust

To Your Continued Longevity,

Matt Carey
Co-Founder & CEO

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