April 2017 Fixed Annuity Report

Market Update

After reaching a 52-week high in early March, the 10 year Treasury finished the month at 2.4% – close to where we were back in November. Because the peak was so short-lived, insurers held off on increasing annuity rates in March. Looking forward to April, they are not likely to change significantly barring an unforeseen market event.

In response to uncertainty around the direction of interest rates, we’ve been working with more clients to create long-term income purchasing plans instead large, one-time purchases. This way, a portion of your future spending needs are met while preserving the opportunity to benefit from future rate increases.

An overview of current income annuity rates and trends can be found here or by clicking on the Annuity Intelligence Report below. Rates differ by insurer and by state, but you can request personalized quotes on our website.

April Annuity Report


Retirement Income Webinar

At Blueprint Income (formerly Abaris), our mission is to modernize retirement income through trust, transparency, and by putting the customer first. There are a number ways we do it that, including acting as a fiduciary and putting your interests before our interests. We also do it by conducting Retirement Spending Analyses, which help our clients determine their retirement spending goals and what portion (if any) of their Retirement Spending Gap it make sense to fill with an income annuity.

Join me on Thursday, April 13 at 7pm EST for a short webinar about how we conduct the Retirement Spending Analysis and if it might make sense for you. I’ll walk you through case studies of real people we’ve helped – both where annuities were and were not recommended. At the end you’ll have the opportunity to request your own personalized analysis. You can sign up for the webinar here.

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