Abaris Financial (Provider Of Annuities) Has Changed Its Name



  • Abaris Financial has changed its name to Blueprint Income.
  • Blueprint Income is the most trusted name in direct income annuity sales.


We at Abaris recently changed our official name to Blueprint Income, Inc. and the name we use to conduct business to Blueprint Income.

Why We Changed The Name

Abaris was a figure in Greek mythology who advised Apollo on important decisions. But barely anyone knew that. And it was hard to pronounce. We really like how Blueprint Income gives us such a powerful and descriptive way to talk about what we do without using the jargon of finance or annuities.

What’s Changed

Other than our name, not much has changed with our switch away from Abaris. We continue to offer the easiest way to learn about annuities, get annuity quotes, compare policies, and purchase policies digitally.

What We (Abaris, And Now Blueprint Income) Offer

We offer the best analysis, technology, service, and pricing for simple income annuities and fixed deferred annuities. Our product offerings include longevity annuities (including the QLAC), immediate annuities, and multi-year (fixed rate) guaranteed annuities.

  • Data: We offer the most transparent and timely info on annuity rates and dynamics affecting pricing via our monthly newsletter.
  • Analysis: We have a team of actuaries and CFAs who can provide analysis that you’re not going to get anyone else.
  • Technology: Use our market-leading instant quote tool, annuity advice tool, longevity calculator, and other tools that attract literally tens of thousands of people to our site each month.
  • Service: No matter the size of your purchase, we’ll provide personalized advice from Ivy League-educated finance experts. We know no one else in the annuity market can provide that.
  • Pricing: In the vast majority of cases, we also offer the most competitive pricing that our customers see. That’s because when possible we take the lowest in the industry commission and pass the cost savings on to you.

If You’re A Policyholder Who Purchased When We Were Named Abaris

You should have already been contacted to us to notify you of the name change. There are no steps you need to take. Our email addresses and phone numbers continue to work.


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