Company Update

Abaris Is Now Blueprint Income

Today, we’re phasing out Abaris and changing our name to Blueprint Income. In 2014, Adam, Nimish, and I began building a better path to a secure retirement for millions of Americans. Longer life spans, increasing uncertainty about Social Security, and the decline of pensions all have made retirement harder and more do-it-yourself than at any point in history.

October 2017 Update From Our CEO

Tax reform has faded from the news this week. But if it were enacted, how would it affect the way you invest for retirement? Read on to learn more in this month’s update.

June 2017 Update From Our CEO

Although markets are at all time highs, it feels as though retirement unease is also as high as they’ve ever been. The World Economic Forum white paper details the $224 trillion gap between retirement needs and what we’re on track to save by 2050. This triggers some difficult questions we need to take on as a society, such which broad based approaches to take to resolve this issue and which sacrifices we’ll need to make to guarantee a safe and healthy retirement for everyone.

March 2017 Update From Our CEO

The market’s near all-time highs. It’s great for the value of your retirement account, but now’s the time to be extra vigilant. Some ideas how: pay less in fees; learn about how health and wealth go hand in hand; and stop guessing how long you’ll live.

November 2016 Update From Our CEO

A word of advice: don’t use your retirement portfolio to predict the future. This month provided a case study as to why. Better to keep contributing to your retirement and stay invested through rain and shine. And that includes through changes in who is running the country. Not only were the vast majority of predictions about who would win the presidency incorrect, so too was the conventional wisdom about the impact of the election on financial markets. We dig in below about the difficulty and folly of predicting the future.

October 2016 Update From Our CEO

Big changes are happening with public sector pensions, and hardly anyone is taking notice. The latest shoe to drop in a decades-long shift away from pensions and towards what’s called a defined contribution system comes from the US military. They’re moving away from a traditional pension plan and towards a 401(k)-like plan in the coming months. The tie-in to longevity? With a pension, you don’t have to guess how long you’ll live in order to budget for retirement. In a defined contribution system, you do.