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At Blueprint Income, we’re striving to make it easy to understand, compare, and purchase income annuities. Use our tools to estimate your spending in retirement, determine if an annuity makes sense for you, and to see quotes in real-time.

Blueprint Income is on a mission to modernize retirement security through trust, transparency and by putting the customer first.

Annuity Advice Tool

  • The first step in determining if you’re right for an income annuity
  • Provide some basic information and in five minutes or less, you’ll have preliminary advice on what your spending gap will be and recommended solutions to address it
  • We combine data on your expected longevity, your current retirement savings, your spending and your risk appetite to arrive at advice that is specific to you
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Head to the Annuity Advice Tool to find out whether an annuity is a good fit for you. 

Longevity Calculator

  • The most widely used longevity calculator in the world. Created by Dean Foster, Professor of Statistics at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Based on data from more than 500,000 people collected over ten years by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and AARP
  • See how your diet, exercise, drinking and smoking habits are adding or subtracting years from your life and what steps you can take to live longer
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Head to the Longevity Calculator to find out how long you’re expected to live. 

Income Annuity Quotes

  • Our platform provides free, no-obligation quotes on income annuities, which are products made specifically to protect you against the risk of outliving your money
  • The only place where you can see real-time quotes on products from many of the leading insurance carriers side-by-side
  • Quotes from New York Life, Integrity, Lincoln, Pacific Life, Principal Financial and many others
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Head to the Quote Tool for real-time, personalized income annuity quotes. 

Retirement Spending Calculator

  • Use our tool to determine what your expected expenses in retirement are and what your income picture, from Social Security and other sources looks like
  • You can see what your spending will look like in future dollar terms, which is an important consideration when deciding how large of an income annuity to purchase
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Head to the Retirement Spending Calculator to project spending in retirement. 

Required Minimum Distribution Calculator

  • Beginning at age 70½, you’ll have to start withdrawing Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from your IRA and 401(k)
  • Using our simple tool, you can see what your expected RMDs are based on your current age and different income growth assumptions
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Head to the RMD Calculator to project what your future RMDs will be.